New Mehndi Songs Punjabi List

Mehndi Songs 2018 List Punjabi,  You are searching for mehndi songs means every generation would like to get the lyrics of Mehndi songs in native language of Punjab province. Punjabi song’s lyrics are difficult and can only understand by Punjabi native people. It is the night usually known as Dholki night just before the big day for bride and bride groom.

Ballay ballay

Ballay ballay bai torr punjaaban di

Tappian di ae vaari, tappian di ae vaari

Chitta kukkarr baneray te, chitta kukkarr baneray te

Gaddi ayi teyshan te, gaddi ayi teyshan te

Aasmaani sat taaray, aasmaani sat taaray

Gaddi chaldi e rummay ve rummay, gaddi chaldi e rummay ve rummay

Aalu matar pakayay hoe ne, aalu matar pakayay hoe ne

There are many ways to celebrate this event but most important way that is recommended by elders as well is the Mehndi songs in Punjabi that is native one. Further, Sindi language is another widely used in Pakistan that means you will get the chance to sing well or not. It is normal for young generation to stay linked with the myth behind singing the Mehndi Songs. The Punjabi songs are affiliated with the culture.

For example “Chita Kukar Banary thay”. This song categorically represents the Punjabi culture of rural areas. Most of the wedding ceremonies have various traditions but Dholki tradition is one of the old traditions.

Bano tere abba ki oonchi haveli

Duniyaan ton pyaar milay

Tenu taqiaa binaa

Aake tu turr gayo

Maine tumhari gagar se kabhi pani piya tha

Yeh tere kaajal ka rang

It is the tradition shows the exact way out to share things directly relate to the Mehndi Songs 2018 List with Punjabi traditions, Sindi culture, Balochi ways of cheering. Pleasure moment in the wedding is the only way to get traditions as high as possible. It is nice for gathering to get new and latest songs.

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